drunken noodles at hub thai

The Best Thai Takeout – NYC

OK guys, it looks like we’ll be quarantining for another month in NYC. Not what I expected, but we can do this!

On this front, I’ve been trying to eat more at home instead of ordering delivery too often, but you know what? I need variety. Also, I have a newborn, and I’m TIRED!!! So if you’re like me and you live in the East Village vicinity, and haven’t tried Hub Thai yet, then do yourself a favor. Order it. Do it. NOW.

For a nice, sitdown Thai meal, this isn’t the place (that’s Somtum Der), but for cheap and delicious delivery or takeout, Hub Thai’s the spot.

drunken noodles at hub thai
Especially at lunch. At lunch, most entrées are $8.99 (depending on the protein and whether you order at the restaurant or on Seamless; it’s $1 more on Seamless), and comes with an appetizer. My go-to is chicken drunken noodles ($8.99), and the version at Hub Thai is the perfect takeout version: heavy on the fish sauce, and slightly sweet and spicy. If you like drunken noodles very spicy, ask for red pepper powder or prik nam som (pickled bird’s eye chili peppers) on the side. If noodles aren’t your thing, their Thai fried rice and massaman curry is also very tasty. The latter is sweet and extremely rich and creamy. If you like coconut milk and peanuts, this’ll be your jam.

dumplings at hub thai
The appetizers are typical of most Thai restaurants. I usually opt for their tiny spring rolls or the gyoza. The gyoza taste better because it has more meat (pork), but the spring rolls win on crunch.

Also, aside from food quality, if you’re concerned about cleanliness and social distancing, Hub Thai is taking the situation very seriously. The woman who owns the restaurant is non-stop cleaning and disinfecting. Don’t be fooled by the hole-in-the-wall exterior!

And remember, don’t forget to visit me on Instagram where posts happen more frequently. Until next time, stay safe and happy eating!

Hub Thai
105 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009 (map)

Visit Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Pro Tip: Ask for pickled chili peppers on the side if you like heat. It goes well with everything.

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