burrata pizza at macchina

Pizza Brunch at Macchina – NYC

Macchina is one of those restaurants that courts IG influencers on the regular. Since the restaurant opened 2 years back, I’ve seen pics of their burrata pizza in my feed a number of times. Nothing wrong with that as long as the food is good. My issue is when restaurants have amazing PR events, and the food, ambience, and service doesn’t live up to hype on a regular day. So is this the case with Macchina?

I would say for the most part, no. I visited Macchina this past Sunday for brunch and everything was pretty satisfying.

burrata pizza at macchina
The ever popular burrata pizza ($24) with a giant ball of melted burrata in the center was indeed visually-appealing.


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Unfortunately, the burrata ball wasn’t as oozy and melty as I had seen in other IG pics, but it was still tasty. And the pizza crust itself was nice and chewy.

potato cheese calzone at macchina
Likewise, the chorizo calzone ($18) with potato and cheese was also chewy and fresh. No one likes a dried out calzone. Freshness is key.

carbonara spaghetti at macchina
There was also a carbonara spaghetti ($19) with a poached egg on top, which unfortunately I didn’t get to try as it was gobbled up by tablemates before I got to it. ? However, I hear it was very delicious. ???

There was also a basic tricolore salad ($14) which was solid. No pic was taken as it looked pretty standard.

Overall, it was good brunch. Again, I wish the burrata pizza was served a tad hotter so the cheese was meltier, but even still, I’d order it again.

The one non-food complaint I have of the restaurant is the smell. Upon entering, I was overwhelmed with the strong scent of bug spray. It seemed like the staff took it upon themselves to spray the restaurant as soon as they opened, which I understand needs to be done in Manhattan, but it would have been nice if they did it at the end of the night as opposed to the start of brunch. Let’s get it right people. I die for brunches, but don’t want to literally.

365 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10016 (map)

Visit Rating: 4/5 stars
Pro Tip: Burrata pizza is insta-worthy + delicious as long as it’s served hot.

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