bacon croissant donut at donut pub

Bacon Croissant Donuts and More – NYC

If you’re old readers of Bionic Bites, you know I’m a HUGE fan of the original Donut Pub in Chelsea. Quite dangerously for me, they just opened their 2nd outpost closer to my apartment this year in NoHo. The store is bigger and trendier, but more importantly, are the donuts just as good?

And the answer is, for the most part, yes. I’ve been to the NoHo location three times, and out of the three, one time the donuts were stale. But only one time, so I’m hoping it was a fluke. The other times, the donuts were amazing as usual, and they also have a new selection of croissant donuts which are quite tasty.

The bacon maple croissant donut (pictured at top; $4.75) was heavy on the bacon flavor, which makes for an intense savory experience. It’s good, but…

maple croissant donut at donut pub
I prefered the maple croissant donut ($4.75) which was a bit simpler.

bacon croissant donut innards at donut pub
Either way, both had the “cronut-esque” layers that Dominique Ansel made famous. However, it wasn’t as finely, multi-layered, and overall, wasn’t as buttery and crisp as the cronut. Still delicious though!

boston cream donut at donut pub
Boston cream ($2.50) was good as usual…

boston cream donut innards at donut pub
with lots of vanilla pudding-like filling.

jelly donut at donut pub
Same with the sugar jelly donut($2.50) with all its glorious, gloppy raspberry jelly. This is my go-to.

mini jelly donut at donut pub
As for the mini jelly donuts (3 for $2.50), the fried dough melts in your mouth, and you don’t feel as guilty eating a smaller portion, but you miss the copious amounts of jelly. I’d skip this next time and go for another full-size. Because, let’s be real. If you’re concerned about your weight, the Donut Pub is not for you.

Donut Pub (multiple locations, I visited the NoHo location)
740 Broadway
New York, NY 10003 (map)

Visit Rating: 4/5 stars
Pro Tip: Opt for a full-size over the mini donuts.

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