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Thunder Juice, Table 87 Pizza + Giveaway – NYC

As a respectable Asian person, I like my spice and I especially like my hot sauce. Although surprisingly enough, Sriracha doesn’t really float my boat like most people. If given a choice, I’m a Chinese chili oil girl or when eating non-Asian food, I like vinegar-based hot sauces like Cholula or Tapatío. Recently, I was given the opportunity to try Thunder Juice from the people over at High River Sauces, and this hot sauce is another beast all together.

Blended with carolina reaper, chocolate bhutlah, fatalii, and scorpion peppers, Thunder Juice is much hotter than any of the hot sauces above. However, since the peppers are rounded out with peaches, blueberries, and raspberries — in addition to being infused with habanero tequila (40% ABV) — it’s bright and balanced. (Non-alcohol lovers fear not, all the alcohol is burned off in the bottling process.)

wings with thunder juice
But don’t let the fruit fool you. I made air fryer wings at home with the hot sauce, and my husband woke up clenching his stomach the next day. A few drops on your food is best.

pepperoni pizza at Table 87
For example, a little went a long way on a pepperoni slice at Table 87. Which by the way, doesn’t skimp on the pepperoni. Look at the amount of pepperoni on that slice!

burrata pizza at Table 87
I also had a grandma slice, a burrata slice and a margherita. The grandma and burrata were tasty, although the taste of the burrata kind of got lost after being heated up. My favorite was the margherita which was simple and fresh and didn’t overwhelm the thin, crisp crust.

And of course, I had all the slices with red pepper flakes and/or hot sauce.

thunder juice at table 87
Which brings us back to Thunder Juice. If you’re interested in trying it, I’ll be giving away one bottle to one lucky reader.

Giveaway Rules:
To enter, simply write in the comments below what food or drink you’d like to try Thunder Juice with. I’ll be picking a winner at random. Giveaway ends next Tuesday (12/10/19) at noon. U.S. entrants only.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Christina is the giveaway winner. Her future ribs just got extra spicy! Thanks everyone for participating.

Thunder Juice by High River Sauces
Rating: 4/5 stars
Spice Level: 5/5 peppers
Pro Tip: Take it easy, add one drop at a time. This stuff is HOT!

Table 87 (multiple locations, I visited the Industry City restaurant)
238 36th St
Brooklyn, NY 11232 (map)

Visit Rating: 4/5 stars
Pro Tip: My pizza wasn’t hot enough (temperature-wise) at first. If the same thing happens to you, let them know, and they’ll kindly reheat the slices. And if you want a slice to go, Table 87 also sells frozen pizza by the slice.

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  1. Hannah

    This is my favorite hot sauce! Super spicy just how I like! I would use the sauce on anything like beef patties, sandwiches, and fried rice! ?

  2. Linda

    Wow, those wings look fantastic! Might be the perfect snack for football Sundays. I can’t wait to try this hot sauce. I think it would also be great on nachos or chili fries to add that extra kick!

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