spicy seafood pasta at bari

Welcome to IMBARQUE!!!

Whether you’re here from Bionic Bites or new to my world, welcome!

My name is Tia, and I started writing Bionic Bites in 2008, and since then, the blog, the world, and Tia, has evolved. And so, IMBARQUE was born. Imbarque = Imbibe + Embark. Consider it an official rebranding.

This site will still be about food adventures (both near and far) and fearless eating, but also about drinking in the entire experience along the way.

In addition, not only will Imbarque cover food, I’ll also be writing about travel and general lifestyle topics. So stay tuned, I have a few surprises coming up. But food fans, don’t worry. This blog will always be heavily food-centric. ??? (FYI, the photo above is spicy seafood pasta from the now defunct Bari in New York City. The sauce included ssamjang and kimchi, and it was heavenly.)

So let’s imbarque together.

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